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February 13th : goats mowing


And yes we are in February, it's time to mow our goats .....

On February 13th, Laura Bec our "lawnmower" will be at la Maugerie all day to mow our flock of Angora goats.

We start early in the morning to finish in the evening .... the fleeces will be pre-sorted by Frédérique and Marie Thérèse while Gérard will help Laura by preparing each goat .... Laura mows them, hanging from his gallows, handling each animal gently without stress while avoiding false cuts. It is very important that this is done in respect of each of our goats, Frédérique gives the particularities of each goat to Laura so that it adapts her actions according to the animals.

It's a hard day but the goats feel better after ... on the other hand the mowing of winter is always difficult because it is cold, it is necessary to protect well the mowed  goats .... they have heat lamps for the first days ... wool repels very quickly but this year February is going to be cold!

The day after the mowing, Laura leaves to mow another flock ... she mows a lot of herds of angora goats all over France ..

And we do what we call TRI. We will take each fleece one by one, spread them on a table with wire mesh so that the impurities fall and by hand we will remove all the hay, the straws, the cereals that clung to the wool. At the Maugerie sorting is the work of Frédérique and Marie-Thérèse. By doing it ourselves we can appreciate the fleece of each goat. It is important to know each goat and to know what quality each wool produces. The fleeces say a lot about the state of health, Frédérique does an animal tracking by animal and knows the production of each goat.

When all the fleeces are "clean", we will mix them by wool category by making homogeneous batches. These lots will be weighed and brought to SICAMOHAIR in Castres for control and processing.

The transformation cycle will last almost 6 months ... I will talk about the transformation later ... and in 6 months we will be in August and Laura will come back for the summer mowing ...

At the Maugerie we can guarantee the quality of the mohair products ... Our mohair is branded MOHAIR DES FERMES DE FRANCE which guarantees our customers that the mohair that we sell at the shop is from the mohair produced in our French farms . SICAMOHAIR is at all times the owner of the mohair during the transformation cycle which allows us to be sure that our manufacturers work our mohair and not the mohair produced abroad. Our quality is therefore irreproachable!


See you soon !