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Chambord's Festival: 30th june to 14th july 2018

Festival de Chambordchambord

For the 8th year in a row Chambord invites all audiences to enjoy the special charm of a summer concert in the castle.

Artists and Public are sheltered

- June 30 8pm: Symphony Orchestra Center Region - Loire Valley / Tours: orchestra and cello

- July 1st 6:30 pm: Full Day Company: Singing and Piano

- July 3 8 pm: Douce Memoire and the Reverend: Musiques et chants

- July 4, 20: Company of the National Center of Contemporary Dance of Angers

- July 5 8 pm: Orchestra of the Chamber of Paris and Vanessa Wagner: Strings and piano

- July 6 6:30 pm: Shadows

- July 9 8pm Vanessa Wagner and the Spirito Choir: Piano and vocals

- July 10 6:30 pm Jasser Haj Youssef, Gael Cadoux, Lana Gyourme: Piano and vocals

Beautiful evenings in Chambord!

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