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45 minutes Flight


The unfolding of your first flight:


- You are meeting your pilot the meeting point . Upon your arrival, Iyou will be given a 10 minutes briefing on the safety instructions and on your flight itinerary.


- You settle in the autogyro, put your helmet on your head and go! With integrated earphones you will enjoy your aerial ride by listening to the comments of your pilot. Throughout your flight, he describes you through the menu the beauties that scroll under your device for your pleasure.

- After 30 minutes, your aircraft lands softly at its starting point and your first flight ends with a 5 minutes debriefing .


During this flight, you will fly over:

After your takeoff, you will discover:

• Ménars Castle, the meanders of the Loire up to Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire

- Chambord Castle

• Straddling the Loire, the city of Blois: you will bypass this former royal residence by the south before returning to your starting point.