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Our first baby goat of the year is born!


And here we present you the first baby goat of 2018 arrived at La Maugerie March 7th, it is a small female who has for Mom "ADORA" who was the first birth in our breeding 3 years ago.

She was born in the morning and managed to do it all alone: ​​very quickly, she understood very well that she had to suck to eat ... Mom plays her role perfectly, for a first birth it's great .. She feeds her well, protects her and makes her sleep under a red light so she’s not cold.

We expect the birth of 5 to 6 babies this year, they should arrive in the coming days ...

This little « biquette » has no name for the moment it is you who will baptize her at our open house on MAY 27, 2018.


As every year, during the spring our open house we will host the 2018 sponsorship operation. This year we are looking for names that begin with the letter "D". I will explain it all in an upcoming event « Open doors ». You can however already look for a little name "D ........" and become the godfather or godmother of this adorable little ball of mohair ..!