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Le Mohair des Fermes de France , an alternative for ZARA, H&M & GAP !

Le mohair Francais Communiqué de presse en réponse à l'Agence PETA sur le Mohair d'afrique du Sud


Since the beginning of May, the PETA agency has been denouncing the abuse of angora goats in South Africa. These goats produce low-cost mohair that textile brands use for their Mohair items.

As a result, ZARA, H & M and GAP encourage the public to stop buying mohair items and commit themselves to stop producing mohair items ....

We, French breeders, producers of mohair labeled "Mohair des fermes de France" can not let PETA make a generalization and a scandal on the mohair without reacting.

Mohair is a quality and luxury fiber that has a high production cost. The quality of the French Mohair is unmatched and this quality we obtain through the daily care that we provide to our small herds of angora goats!

A Mohair sweater 39.95 € at ZARA, obviously there is a problem!

So buying  French mohair, our label guarantees you a French production with a quality charter and ethics!

Your sweater will be more expensive, of course, but you will actually have a mohair sweater, soft, soft from the shearing of our French goats that you could go to see and caress in our farms!


I let you read the answer in the form of a press release that we wrote as a member of the Board of Directors of the association "MOHAIR DES FERMES DE FRANCE" at the SICAMOHAIR cooperative in Castres in response to PETA.